Create and Test Your AWS Lambda Function

Create and Test Your AWS Lambda Function

- 1 min

Here’s a simple of a ‘HELLO WORLD!’ example to help get you started with AWS Lambda:

1- Create a free AWS account here. Screenshot

2- Select your region and choose Lambda from list Screenshot Screenshot

3- Choose ‘Create function’ and ‘Author from scratch’ Screenshot Screenshot

4- Fill out the Basic info and add Policy temp ‘Simple Microservices permation’ and Click on Create Function Screenshot

5- Click ‘test’ to Configure Function event fill the event name and replace the key1 to ‘Hello Word’ Screenshot Screenshot

Change the name of a key1 to ‘Hello Word’

exports.handler = (event, context, callback) => {
    // TODO implement
    callback(null, "key1 value is "  + event.key1);

6- Click ‘Save’ and Replace callback ‘Key1 value is’ & Save and Test Screenshot

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